Small Schools Association of South Australia Inc.

The objectives of the Small Schools Association of South Australia (SSASA) is to maintain and promote the educational effectivness of small schools in South Australian communities and to provide a forum through which the needs of members can be met.

The defintion of a "small school" from the Department of Education and Children Services (DECD) is a school without a deputy principal.

You might notice a change at SSASA. The implementation of a new, colourful group logo. We'd love to know what you think!
The Next SSASA Meeting
The next SSASA Executive Meeting will be held on X November 2005 at the AEU on Greenhill Rd. This will be the final meeting for the year.

2006 SSASA Conference
Details for the 2006 SSASA Conference are now available. For further information click here.

Meet The Executive
We invite you to join us in formally introducing our Exeuctive members, and provide full contact details so you can contact your closest member.

Discounted Web Design For Members
LiChi Creative is offering up to 25% off their creative services, to ensure that your school website is up to date. For further information click here.

Join SSASA Today

Become a member of SSASA today, and join a dynamic group of education professionals dedicated to meeting your specific needs. More.

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